How to Write the Perfect Command

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A Jasper command is a basic instruction to prompt Jasper’s ability to respond and execute your instruction.
Commands can be flexible and you can really ask Jasper anything but here’s our best tips for writing a command that will always work: Commands are made up of 3 essential parts.
  1. An Action - an action verb to activate Jasper’s response
  2. A Structure - a defined structure for Jasper to imitate
  3. A Direction  - any additional information that will help get quality outputs
That’s why you see really great commands built like this:
  • Write (action) a blog post intro paragraph (a structure) about the benefits of organic vegetables over non-organic (a direction).
  • Write is the easiest action to use.
  • Write a paragraph about why I should invest in vegetable gardening.
  • Write a few sentences about how to get started with gardening.
  • Write a list of the top garden vegetables for easy maintenance.
  • Write a fake conversation between Tommy the Carrot and Bob the Tomato about why gardening is important.
But don’t stop there! with the 3 essential parts of a command you can explore new ways to communicate with Jasper
  • Build blog post outline about the  difference between surface irrigation vs. drip irrigation .
  • Answer the question of  how much I should water a new plant?
  • Connect the ideas that  vegetable gardens are good for your mental health .
  • Rephrase the content  above  in an empathetic tone.
  • Summarize the content  above  in 3 bullet points.
  • Persuade my audience to  purchase  my masterclass on gardening  and include the CTA: sign up now!

Try writing a command for the job you want to execute!Writing a blog post? Use command with different structure prompts to finish the job. Writing an ad? Use a command to write that ad. Writing a LinkedIn Post? Use a command to “write a LinkedIn Post”.

With the right action, structure and direction you’ll be off to creating content in seconds. Let’s see what you got!

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