Power, Focus, Chat, and SEO modes

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You can use our long-form assistant in four different modes: 

Remember if you switch between the modes and you are looking for your compose button that option will only be available if you are using the long-form assistant flow.

Power Mode

The power mode will give you access to the templates you know and love. You can copy and paste directly into your document. To write more, use the compose button inside your document. 

Focus Mode

The focus mode will strip that away and give you only a blank document. It's like a google doc or word file with Jasper inside! 

Chat Mode

The chat mode will allow you to integrate Jasper chat directly into your document. Use the << icon to paste your chat output at your document cursor.

SEO Mode

The SEO mode will give you access to Surfer SEO. Make sure it's all set up before seeing this mode appear in your app. Here's a how to.

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