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Dynamic Templates are a way to create customized templates for you based on your end goal. Don't see a template you need? Don't know where to start on a blank page of the document editor? Dynamic Templates can guide you to create your desired content.

You can access Dynamic Templates from the Templates page. Use the Quick Search (command-K) to search templates, and you'll see Dynamic Templates listed there.

On Teams and Business plans, you have the ability to save your Dynamic Templates as well as share them for any future projects. On the Creator plan, Dynamic Templates are available to use but are not saveable or shareable.

Here are some ideas to get started with the Dynamic Template:

  • Industry-specific blog post
  • Listicle-style full-length blog post
  • 3-part cold email campaign
  • Google ad campaign
  • Social media campaign brief
  • Social media posts for primary engagement platforms
  • Landing page optimized for search engines

Ultimately, Dynamic Templates are here to help you save time in creating customized templates for whatever goal you may have. ⚡️

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